HTTP Protocol – How Does It Work?


This article will delve into the protocol structure that enables communication on the WEB, the HTTP protocol. HTTP Protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol, HTTP, is a message transfer protocol over the Internet. The HTTP protocol governs a structure and defines the types of messages exchanged between peers. It is defined by RFCs 1945 (version 1.0) and 2116 based on client-server …

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HTTP Methods

http method

We present the theory of HTTP methods: GET, POST, PUT and others. In addition, we’ll talk about their functions and when they apply.

Cookies – HTTP Protocol


Apesar do modo stateless do protocolo HTTP, diversas vezes será necessário fornecer identificação. Neste caso, usa-se os cookies http.

Portainer: Installation and Configuration

portainer docker

Introduction to Portainer We present the installation and configuration of the Portainer. So, we can use the Portainer to manage our Docker containers. In addition, the graphical interface of the Portainer streamlines the network configuration and allocation of resources for the containers. The Portainer is effective in managing multiple images and containers. Thus, in the future, we intend …

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