Android with VirtualBox

Android with VirtualBox

We teach quickly how to install ANDROID in VIRTUALBOX. We often need to install an application for testing. Similarly, it may be necessary to create a test environment with virtual machines. In this way, VirtualBox can be used to host ANDROID inside one or more virtual machines. As a result, in this tutorial you will be installing Android with VirtualBox. VirtualBox can be installed on Linux and Windows machines. Check other OS installed on VirtualBox.

Step 1: Downloading Android ISO

First, let’s download the iso from: ““. Soon after, we looked for the newest version.

ISO Android no VirtualBox
Vamos escolher 64bits

Step 2: Creating the Virtual Machine

Next, let’s create the virtual machine using the android image. Afterwards, choose the machine name, type and version.

MV Android no VirtualBox
Selecionar New
SO Android no VirtualBox
Escolher o nome o tipo e a versão

So, let’s choose the memory size. I usually use “4000 MB” or higher. Then, let’s select the option to create a virtual disk.

Memory Android no VirtualBox
Tamanho de memória
Hard Disk Android no VirtualBox
Selecionar create virtual disk now

The hard disk type chosen will be VDI.

Hard disk Type
Selecionar VDI

The disk type will be dynamically allocated. Afterwards, we will choose the size allocated to the disk. In this sense, a size of “8GB” is enough for initial tests.

Storagem on hard disk
Dynammically allocated
File location

Next, we will start the virtual machine with a double click.

Iniciando amáquina virtual

Then, we select the location of our image. We selected the “Add” option. Then we point to the location of the image.

Select file
Clicar na pasta amarela
Add Android no VirtualBox
Clickar em Add
Escolher a imagem
Choose Android no VirtualBox
Selecionar a imagem e clicar em choose

Once selected the image click on “Start”.

Start Android no VirtualBox
Selecione Start

Step 3: Installing Android with VirtualBox

We will select the “Advanced Options” option. And right after, let’s select the “Auto_installation” option. That way, most of the installation will be automated.

Advanced Android no VirtualBox
Selecionar Advanced Options
Auto install Android no VirtualBox
Selecionar Auto_installation

You will then be asked for confirmation to erase the virtual disk and start the installation.

Yes Android no VirtualBox
Marcar que pode apagar o disco e contiuar

Step 4: Starting Android with VirtualBox

We will select the Run option “Android-x86” to start.

Run Android no VirtualBox

Afterwards, the android startup screen appears and then the language selection screen.

Loading Android no VirtualBox
Tela de carregamento
Eng Android no VirtualBox
Seleção de idiomas

Afterwards, the “wi-fi” setup screen will appear. Let’s skip this step as the network will come from VirtualBox’s NAT mode interface..

Connect Android no VirtualBox
Clicar em “SKIP”
Clicar em “Continue”

At this step, a password can be added. However, we chose not to use it.

no password Android no VirtualBox
At this step, a password can be added. However, we chose not to use it.ptamos por não usar senha

Now, we select “Taskbar”.

Selecionar “Taskbar”

And congratulations you’ve just done Android Installation on VirtualBox.

Show Android no VirtualBox
Tela padrão

Final step: configuring Android in VirtualBox

Afterwards, when shutting down the machine, go into virtual machine settings. Then disable initialization by “Optical Disk”.

Configuration Android no VirtualBox
Desabilite o boot por CD